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My 'ELE face wash is not black.. It seems separated. what should I do?

Our 'ELE face wash is made with all natural ingredients, that naturally separate ( kind of like organic peanut butter..).

The 2 natural exfoliants- activated coconut charcoal and sandalwood powder will sink to the bottom of the bottle, whenever not used.

All you need to do is give the bottle a good shake , and make sure you shake it each time before you use it. check out our video on how we like to shake it!

My face feels oily after I use the 'ŌPIO anti aging mano'i... why?

*Make sure your face is WET/ DAMP when you apply the mano'i! if your face is not wet, make sure you wet your palms and then apply onto face. 

The word hydration comes from the word hydra=water. water hydrate, while oils nourish. we all know water and oils separate and do not like to mix, so when making lotion- chemicals are used to keep the two together. Our mano'i supplies the utmost nourishment, but you must add water!

*Secondly, try using less mano'i. Only 4-6 drops are necessary for the full face and neck. A bottle of the 'ŌPIO anti aging mano'i should last you over a month when applying twice a day. 

Can I use the  body+hair mano'i on my face?

Absolutely! Although not formulated specifically for the face, our body+hair mano'i  is formulated with non comedogenic oils, which means they will not clog your pores. If you were away (letʻs say a boat trip in the maldives) and only had one bottle of the body+hair mano'i you could also


*face mano'i: make sure as with all products, to test patch before apply anything new to entire face. 

apply 4-6 drops to wet/damp face. If your skin is more combination skin, you can leave on for 10 minutes, and then wipe off with a wet cloth.

*make up remover/mascara remover: apply a few drops onto a cotton ball and gently wipe eyes to remove make up.(why would you have mascara on a surf trip??)

*cuticle nourishment: apply a couple of drops to cuticles and massage into skin.

*lip aid: apply a few drops to sun burnt lips. massage gently.


Can I use the  body polish on my face?

NOT REALLY! Although our body polishes are made with all natural ingredients, these are far too rough and too salty for your gentle face skin. Our line is made specifically for dry, sun damaged skin, and our body polishes are not for the faint hearted. They deliver efficient exfoliation and supreme nourishment. The raw, organic cocoa and shea butters we use in the polishes are too rich and heavy for the face, which requires lightweight, non comedogenic oils.

we have a couple more face treatments launching later this year, which will include much finer micro-exfoliants and are specifically formulated for the face.  


We want you to love your products, and encourage you to sample our line before you purchase the full size.All  of our products are available at trial size.

Please contact us with any questions before placing your order so that we may guide you in choosing the best match for your unique complexion and needs. Due to the handmade and very personal nature of our products, we do not offer returns, refunds, or exchanges for reasons of dissatisfaction. 

 Please read the ingredient list carefully if you are allergic or sensitive .

 We want to make sure you’re using the products correctly,and your satisfaction is important to us! 

We have a 14-day return policy. If you changed your mind or received the incorrect product with your online purchase or it arrives damaged, simply return the unused product and we will gladly issue a refund/exchange. Returned products must be received unopened/unused and in resalable condition.

Prior to returning your item(s), please email us your order number and the reason for your return request.